Summit stack dual master

  • 28 May 2018
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Hi expert,
My customer X460 stack have dual master several times, may I ask what kind of information I need to ask him to collect for this issue? Is the show tech enough?

5 replies

Currently it's working fine. Do I have to collect information from all individual slot?
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  1. What is the EXOS release running on the X460 stack?
  2. Provide the output of "show port stack-ports rxerrors" and "show port stack-ports txerrors"

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Adding to it, please check the following KB Articles - Dual mastership seen on a SummitStack

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#show stacking detail will also help. It will usually show up in newer versions' show techs. But in older versions, you will need to collect it.
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Are you using summit stacking or v.80 stacking. We've had challenges too. We have 460 (g1) units and have replaced most summit stacking modules with the v.80 where we could.
In case you need it:
Show ver:
SS-B-# = summit stack
SS-V80-B-# = V.80 stacking