USB to Serial Adapter

  • 3 December 2013
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good USB to Serial adapter that works well with Windows 8.1?

5 replies

We have some X460 switches that I am trying to find a USB to serial cable to use.

I saw this link:

Per that link, I purchased Startech's ICUSB232FTN USB to serial cable:

I am using PuTTY with these settings listed below, which have worked in the past with the provided M/F serial cable:

9600 baud
no parity
8 data bits
1 stop bit
XON/XOFF flow control

I am using a Windows 10 64-bit machine. In Device Manager, I have verified that the settings match those listed above, and I am using the correct COM port in PuTTY. However, it is not working to connect. There are additional settings to change on the COM port in Device Manager, but I'm not sure if I need to change anything there.

Any recommendations on a USB to serial cable, or do I need to change settings somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I use the FTDI chipset usb to serial, and works great, haven't had an issue. Did you load the drivers for the cable?
Yes, I installed the drivers a while back for the cable. Just today, I uninstalled the drivers and installed the drivers again from Startech. I am using driver version, which is the latest on Startech's site. Attached are screenshots of Device Manager and PuTTY. Any thoughts? Perhaps I have a bad cable? I will be out of the office for about a week, so I will respond back after that as soon as I can. Thanks for the help.

I forgot to mention that after uninstalling the driver, deleting the driver, and then installing the driver again, that I tried to console to the switch again, but no luck.
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I've got the same driver version. Only difference I see is under advanced com3 settings, mine says flow control none.

I'm assuming you are using the console cable that came with the switches?