VDX 6740 - Restore System

  • 1 May 2020
  • 1 reply


Recently I bought a VDX 6740 from a company.

Using the Console cable, I could see the system booting up in an infinite loop. 

I got the procedure to reinstall the NOS firmware and tried to do it with no luck.

I have run the erase all command to try and reinstall the whole system. 

Is there a way to re-create the USB Maintenance Stick or any other way to reinstall the whole system?

When I boot it now it just sits and nothing comes out on the console.

Any help your be very appreciated. 

Thanks a lot.


1 reply

When the console was working, did you happen to save those logs? Those logs may help determine the reason for the booting issues. Please open a support case with Extreme to further review this console logs and/or determine any further recovery options.