VMware NSX in the Enterprise Data Center?

  • 24 September 2013
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Today, Markus Nispel (CTO at Enterasys) posted a great blog regarding the recent announcement by VMware. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this compelling topic. Here is an excerpt from the post: "Certainly there is a lot of hype right now around overlay networking with VMware’s big announcements around NSX – the technology started by the Nicira acquisition. As I blogged already on SDNCentral I see this more than anything else as a strategy from the system “world” to overcome the challenges that system and network teams face today in various organizations – network teams are often not moving as fast as the system team like. Also, workflows between the teams are not properly established and automated, and orchestration tools are not deployed. There are however such systems available. If they were only used, then the level of agility and operational efficiency that the (enterprise) business is asking for could be achieved." http://blogs.enterasys.com/vmware-nsx-in-the-enterprise-data-center/ So, does it make sense for the enterprise to deploy an overlay network like NSX in their data center? If so, is there another way besides the software defined data center?

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