Push 475 vlan over SPBM vlan 4052 only but not vlan 4051

  • 30 March 2021
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I need to configure one 475 vlan to go over SPBM vlan 4052 but not on 4051 if it possible. 

We are running VOSS 8.3.0


Justas K.

7 replies

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I am not sure if this is possible.  But I am curious to see if someone else has an idea.


I assume you have Bvlan 4051 set as the primary?




Yes  it is 


router isis
spbm 1
spbm 1 nick-name 0.01.10
spbm 1 b-vid 4051-4052 primary 4051
spbm 1 ip enable


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purely out of curiosity.  Why are you trying to limit one VLAN/i-sid down a single BVLAN?


I am playing it out in my brain if you can do a inter-vsn ACL.  But I would need to give it more thought.:thinking:  

We have 2 links . they are 10 mbit each  and using fabric extender 

so we need to spit traffic.

 to link operative  2x 10mbit = 20 

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You can make the two links into an MLT, then put the logical FE interface on the MLT.

Now the MLT hashing will balance the traffic. 




I know but this is one of our requerement  


Vlan X  go over SPB  vlan 4051

Vlan Y  go over SPB  vlan 4052

Hi every one

when wee are using  L2VSN  wee can use Vlan I-SID to decide witch B-Vlan it will use  

I-sid with number witch can be divided by 2  will run on 4052 vlan

I-sid with number witch can not be divided by 2  will run on 4051 vlan


Thank you all  :-)

Justas K