Virtual VOSS 8.3 for GNS3 platform - any release notes ?

  • 20 March 2021
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Is there any release notes for the Virtual VOSS 8.3 for GNS3 platform ?
I would like to know what works and what don't compared to running it on Hardware.

Virtual VOSS 8.3 appeared on github in Mar 3, 2021.

2 replies

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To the best of my knowledge there is no documentation for the GNS3 images.  It is provided to the public “as is” for evaluation only.


But if I recall the v8.X is control plane only.

If you want to experiment with control and data plane you will need to use v7.1

All posted on Github versions of VOSS VM are “equipped” with very limited data plane only, so matter which release you choose. Nontheless 8.3 makes a pretty nice step forward by supporting Auto-sense port feature and Zero Touch fabric (ZTF), so i would recommend to give it a try.

Here is my GNS3project file, which as 5 VSP (8.3) and 5 EXOS VMs plus vFAD (little tool from , that uses OVS for fabric attach signalling, so you get in fact a complete simulated Campus fabric with FA Clients (vFAD), FA Proxies (EXOS) and FA Servers/BEBs (VSP)..

ZTF works fine, except for nick-name assignement, which would required the FAN ISID (16777001) to work (data plane). But after all - you now click all your nodes together, configure one as “seed” with SPBM and all other nodes will join automatically (when VMs are still clean - no config.cfg file).. you ony have to add the nick-name and you are done.

Same with Fabric attach to EXOS VMs .. all automatically, even sensing, if neighbor has FA authentication enabled or not (off on EXOS per default).