VSP 4450 Web Server : not work on VOSS4400.8.2.X or VOSS4400.8.3.x

  • 26 March 2021
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I try to update my VOSS release to 8.1.x to 8.2.x or 8.3.x on my VSP 4450, but when I want to connect with web server, not possible, SSH down too.

Have you any idea ?

3 replies

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Can you double check that you point to the management IP?

This has been changed in 8.2

the command so see it is “show mgmt ip”.



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Hi Yann.A


as Miguel says, we have changed the way VSPs are managed starting with Release 8.2, we call this the Segmented Management Stack. Before 8.2 a switch could be managed through any IP interface on the switch as long as the IP interface was part of the GRT (VRF0). Starting with 8.2, there are only 3 IP addresses that can be used for managing the platform:

  • out of band
  • management VLAN
  • management CLIP (Loopback)

So before you migrate to 8.2 you should make sure you define what you want to use as your management IP address and use the “migrate-to-mgmt” command. When you do this, after the reboot with 8.2 the CLIP or VLAN IP address will be available for management. 

Maybe you forgot to execute the command beforehand? If so, then use the new managment commands to configure the new segmented management IP addresses.


I hope this helps.



Please look here

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