VSP7400 uptime

  • 30 March 2021
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I use to monitor devices uptime with zabbix.

Extreme X-series has an OID:




which is pretty constant and shows in unixtime format when device was booted. So if it changes - device was rebooted.

I do not find the same OID for VSP. Only SysUpTime OID which shows timeticks from the last reboot.


Could you please point me to the right OID or to the magic logic :) how to know  VSP was rebooted? Operate with “<>”?


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2 replies

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on my VSP4800 running v7.1.9.0 its the following. (Shouldn’t have changed in any v8.X switch)




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It sounds like you are looking for a static number that doesn't change until the box reboots.
Probably a better way to do this, but the closest thing that I could ever find for the actual boot date is to lookup file dates on the intFlash.

The date on file .lcr_sysinfo.txt works best.
file name mib value = .

snmpGet of the following mib should give you the boot date and time.