ACL migration from Nortel ERS-8800 to VSP

  • 8 March 2019
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Hey Everyone,

We are migrating from our ERS-8800's to new VSP switches and I seem to be having issues with the new ACL configuration.

Previously it was set to:

filter acl 50 create inPort act 4092 name "PolicyName"
filter acl 50 ace 97 create name "RuleName"
filter acl 50 ace 97 action permit remark-dot1p six
filter acl 50 ace 97 ip src-ip ge
filter acl 50 ace 97 ip dst-ip eq
filter acl 50 ace 97 enable

So far I have:

filter acl 50 type inPort name "PolicyName"
filter acl ace 50 97 name "RuleName"

when I type in:
filter acl ace action 50 97 permit remark-dot1p 6

it says:
Error: Cannot apply QoSAction for security ACE

I can't seem to find any documentation on how to correct that error...


1 reply

I think I just answered my own question...

I need to add the line:

filter acl ace ethernet 50 97 ether-type eq ip