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I have a couple of Avaya 5500 series switches. I can no longer access one of them because I have forgotten the password. I heard it is possible to reset a the password without wiping the configuration. The process requires adding the switch to a stack and saving a new password to the switch's config. I have never performed a password reset using this method, and I would like to know where I can find a guide to perform a password reset without wiping the config.



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If you make the ERS 5500 part of a stack it can reset the password but it will likely also reset the configuration. The safest method to reset a password from an ERS switch is record the base MAC address from the sticker on the ERS and call Extreme Networks Technical Support. When you call you should already have a console session to the switch established as the engineer you speak to will have you disrupt the boot cycle at a certain point to enter the password.
If it's a single unit, we need the MAC address to reset the password. If it's a stack, we need the MAC address of the base unit. We have an internal tool to generate a backdoor password.
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There are two methods in which a user can regain CLI access without using the existing locally authenticated user name and password:

Method 1: Accessing the unit/stack using a backdoor password. This method will keep the current configuration intact. Once a user regains access to the CLI the existing password in the user profiles can be modified. You need to contact GTAC to get the back door password.

Method 2: Connect switch using console and enter Egineering menu to default the password. You also need to contact GTAC to get the Engineering password.