Can't access devices through EDM since Firefox update 64.0

We're running a lot of ERS4500 series switches ( just under 100) with Avaya v5.7.2.012 firmware. Also a small number of ERS3500 that are experiencing the same issue and our ERS8800 with Firmware

Since the Firefox browser update to V64.0 we are unable to access any of the switches using EDM. After the initial login completes it shows '"Discovering Device, please wait' but never progresses.

We have found that devices with Extreme branded firmware :v5.3.8.014 are still working.

When we open the Firefox Web Developer - Debug console we see a message like the following;
TypeError: webServerName is undefined[Learn More] edmContentJs.js:1631:299

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We are having the same issue since the Firefox update.
My work around at the moment is to downgrade to 63.0.3 and then set it not to auto-update. I've stuck it on a Virtual Machine we use just for remote management. That's a reasonable solution for us as we don't use EDM so much but we couldn't do without it either.

You can find the download here.
Thanks! Your mention VM made me think for a sec.

Our VM updates are handled differently than our physical machines, so fortunately our VM's still work. Just a bit of hassle if i'm not in that VM already.

Yeah, EDM is easier for some things, CLi for others, its an odd mix.

Thanks again for the suggestion!
Running an old version of browser is never a good idea in my books (band aid yes, fix no).
IE 11 and edge works but might as well be running old firefox.

Having the same issue with firefox V64 on 4900
sysDescr: Ethernet Routing Switch 4950GTS-PWR+
HW:02 FW: SW:v7.4.0.009
Mfg Date:20160902 HW Dev:
Operational Software: FW: SW:v7.4.0.009
Installed software: FW: SW:v7.4.0.009

but not
sysDescr: Ethernet Routing Switch 4950GTS-PWR+
HW:02 FW: SW:v7.5.0.007
Mfg Date:20160902 HW Dev:
Operational Software: FW: SW:v7.5.0.007
Installed software: FW: SW:v7.5.0.007
Isn't the problem with the certificates and that firefox blockx the certs which use older technology?
It was the same problem in the Avaya era where you were always trailing behind with your browsers.

Perhaps in the latest software it is fixed and the webgui will use newer certs, but I am not sure about this.
For the VSP this was the same problem that TLS 1.2 was not supported and we needed to wait for a specific version to get it supported and working in all browsers at that point.
Unfortunately Microsoft, Google and the Mozilla group are constantly updating their browsers.
ERS4500 and ERS8800 are both End of Software support. It is not the switch's fault.
ERS4500 last release was v5.7.3 and ERS800 was v7.2.26. There is still hardware support but for updates, you should be running the last version.

ERS3500 is still being updated. I believe 5.3.9 is the last release. it will have better browser support.
Along with the ERS4800/4900/5900 and all VOSS switches, as their OS's are being updated regularly.

As a workaround I keep an 12-14year old laptop running a 5year old LINUX distro. And I just never update the browser.
Wayne-SAH wrote:

Running an old version of browser is never a good idea in my books (band aid yes, fix no).

Agree. As a workaround I keep an 12-14yr old laptop running a 5yo version of Xubuntu. Very solid.
And I just keep the laptop air-gapped when its not in use. I only use it when I have to. I only use it to visit the web-interfaces for switches I control.