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Can you downgrade a ERS4850 on version 6.1 to 4.2.3 ?

  • 12 September 2018
  • 7 replies

We have an RMA switch that has arrived with 6.1 and we need to downgrade to install in stack of VSP4850 ERS4850's with 4.2.3 software. Can you downgrade this switch ? Or do we need to downgrade - will the V6.1 switch integrate in the 4.2.3 stack ?

EDIT: Corrected switch model

7 replies

Hi Siobhan,

VSP4850 is not a stackable switch - so I presume you mean clustered with another switch.
The answer is yes you can downgrade it 100%, but as I recall you might have to downgrade to release 5.0 first because I think it will fail if you try directly (will not hurt the switch - so try - but go to 5.0 first if it does not take it).

I would note through that there have been many fixes since 4.2.3 - and also 4.2.3 is out of support, so you might be better thinking about upgrading the others instead....

Many Thanks,
Stupid ofme, I meant to say ERS4850 ! Does the same apply ?
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Stupid ofme, I meant to say ERS4850 ! Does the same apply ?I updated the post and title for you 🙂
What are the versions of ERS4850 - because the SW versions you mention above (4.2.3 and 6.1) are both VSP code releases - not ERS4850......
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There are no v6.1and v4.2.3 for ERS4800. These version codes seem to be for VSP4000.
ERS4800 is under end of sales and the latest version, v5.12.x is recommended to use. For stack, you need to same sofware and firmware for units to form stack. So entire stack should be upgraded.
In general, you could downgrade an ERS, but would loose the configuration. But that would not be an issue for an RMA switch. As mentioned sw 6.x is VSP code and not BOSS. You may have received a VSP4800 instead of an ERS4800. Latest is 5.12.x.
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So far, the last version of ERS4850 is 5.12.
I think you seem to mention about VSP. And in VSP, You can not direct downgrade from 6.x to 4.x.