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Dataplane for mac-in-mac needed for GNS3 VOSS Image

  • 10 November 2018
  • 13 replies

Hello, wondering when the dataplane for the mac-in-mac will be added to the VM for GNS3? I built a good size mesh of VSPs with the release and would be very useful to be able to ping all the way across the fabric, not just over direct adjacencies. This would be very useful for new opportunities in addition to customer education and modeling network cutovers. Full fabric with multiple VM Nodes up and running but can't pass any data beyond direct adjacencies.
Sooooo close.... this would be so excellent.

13 replies

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v7.1.0 still does not support full Datapath yet. As far as I know we have plan to support it next year in future release but timeframe in not fixed yet. I will keep it posted once the plan is fixed.
Hi @Jongseok Won, is there any update regarding the datapath in GSN3 VOSS images?
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As far as I know, tentatively GA version of data plane VOSS VM is targeted July.
Will the new release also support the QoS features of the VOSS platform?

I am in the process of implementing QoS for a customer and it would be great if I could test this virtually.

Also, do you know if there are any plans to virtualize the ERS/BOSS code?
Any updates on the release with data plane support?

I don't see any updates posted to:
I cannot confirm 100% but it is my understanding that the available vVOSS image for GNS3 supporting Data Plane (forwarding) capabilities will be based on VOSS 8.1 (as a XA14xx device) by October timeframe. So close now... 🙂



Any news about vVOSS 8.1 with dataplane ?




it is my understanding that it will only be available in the Extreme Partner Portal shortly.

Please, contact your local Extreme SE.

Best regards!




FInally, the 8.1 image is available: https://github.com/extremenetworks/Virtual_VOSS/

But it seems that dataplane is still not implemented…



Does anyone know when will be implemented dataplane ?


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Hi, are there news regarding the dataplane emulation in the virtual images of VOSS?

If we have an updated vVOSS  virtual machine in the DemoKit environment, permits the partner (that don’t have a lot of expensive VSP phisical appliances for labs) to show to potential Fabric Connect customers, not only ppt presentations or a virtual Fabric Connect envinonment using the actual DemoKit images of VSP (based on version 7.1 without dataplane emulated), but normally after the presentation the answer of the customer is that the technology is fantastic, but wants to see more with communications end-to-end that works (not only the control plane), because are sceptics.

Having a working virtual enviroment with also the dataplane emulated permits to have more arguments for convince a customer to invest in a completly new technology for them and invest on Extreme, before other competitor build a similar solution as Extreme do now..

Bumping this. Would be nice if someone from Extreme could comment. Would be good to be able to prove some stuff out virtually while being stuck at home for a while. 

Meanwhile, Virtual VOSS v8.1.5 came out some weeks ago. Unfortunately, I could not find anything related to dataplane in this release anywhere...