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ERS 4xxx EAPoL (802.1x) Commands

  • 31 October 2017
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  • Extreme Employee
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Thought I would share the EAPoL commands for ERS4xxx switches.
ERS4xxx EAP/802.1x config template

conf t
radius server host

3 replies

In the above configuration, what is the ERS 3xxx equivalent to the command "radius-server encapsulation ms-chap-v2"?
There is no equivalent command for 3xxx series. the default encap is PAP for 3xxx.



I am trying to setup the ERS 4800 to try authentication on a port, but not to block if authentication failed, and just use the VLAN configured on the switch in case of failure (I can do this on EXOS). I guess I can use guest vlan or failopen vlan but that means I have to specify the guest/failopenVLAN for every port instead of just using the VLANs already on ports.


Is that possbile?