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How to define Native Vlan to trunk port on voss VSP switches

  • 12 October 2018
  • 4 replies

Define Native Vlan on Voss

4 replies

Hello, I need a cli command to do that. Could not find anything on cli guide about native vlan.
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in the port configuration you have to setup default vlan and enable untagging that vlan.

For example for vlan 10:
default-vlan-id 10
untag-port-default-vlan enable[/code]
Hello Martin,

I couldn't test that for now but you are briallant.

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Hello, below is the Configuring the VLAN feature on a port using EDM.

1. On the Device Physical View tab, select a port or multiple ports.
2. In the Navigation tree, expand the following folders: Configuration > Edit > Port.
3. Click General.
4. Click the VLAN tab.
5. To perform tagging, select PerformTagging.
6. To discard tagged frames, select DiscardTaggedFrames.
7. To discard untagged frames, select DiscardUntaggedFrames.
8. To use the Untag Default VLAN feature, select UntagDefaultVlan.
Extreme recommends that you enable tagging on the port before you configure
9. Enter a default VLAN ID.
10. In the Classification area, select the types of VLAN to enable.
11. In the Classification area, select the Private VLAN port type. See Creating a private
VLAN on page 69 for more information.
12. Click Apply.
13. Click Close.