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Issues with VOSS 7.0 in GNS3

  • 31 May 2018
  • 4 replies

Does anyone have a set of release notes for the virtual VOSS 7.0 image on Github that details exactly what features are / are not supported?

The good news is that I have been able to configure a pair of switches, in GNS3, to form a virtual IST and can ping between the switches using ip shortcuts or L2VSN.

The bad news is that I can not ping through the cluster across a L2VSN. Both switches are configured for VLAN 20, I-SID 1602000 with IPs and can ping each other no problem. However, virtual PCs on VLAN 20 can ping the local interface but neither the far side switch nor VPC. I enabled ip shortcuts and redistributed (and applied) direct interfaces to cover my bases. Sniffing the IST shows the ARP request going across but no response.

This version of code does not appear to support trace levels, l2/l3 iotables, or cfm cmac.

Has anyone gotten this working?

4 replies

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There's no dataplane at the moment for mac-in-mac with the VM. So you cannot transit data.
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HI, can be great if someone load the gns3 project of these tests with VOSS in GitHub in manner to exchange suggestions between users.
Thanks for the confirmation. I had heard that before but was surprised that I even got a virtual IST working so was hoping it was incorrect.

Hello, wondering when the dataplane for the mac-in-mac will be added to the VM? I built a good size mesh of VSPs with the release and would be very useful to be able to ping all the way across the fabric, not just over direct adjacencies.