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nat-pat setting on enterasys xp 2400-256

I have an Enterasys X-Pedition 2400 256 and i'm trying to set a nat pat, but i couldn't make it work yet. I couldn't find enough resources to understand how to set pat on this model of switch so i've been just crashing my head on wall to accomplish it 😞
Could someone explain me how could i do it or give me some tips? Any help is welcome!

Below are the configurations i've tried so far. Where it should be a public IP i replaced by "pu.bl.ic.ip"

vlan create externa port-based id 2054
vlan create interna port-based id 2

vlan add ports et.2.8 to externa
vlan add ports et.2.(6-7) to interna

interface create ip en2 address-netmask vlan interna up
interface create ip en8 address-netmask pu.bl.ic.ip/24 vlan externa up

acl lcl2 permit ip

ip add route gateway
ip add route default gateway pu.bl.ic.254

dhcp scope2 define parameters address-netmask gateway
dhcp scope2 define pool

nat set interface en2 inside
nat set interface en8 outside
nat create dynamic enable-ip-overload local-acl-pool lcl2 global-pool pu.bl.ic.ip

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hmm impressive. nice to know someone is still using this historical product.

Try examples in documentation:

http://www.logan.com/ssr/xp9191/user.pdf page 359
good luck!

Thanks, i could do it!