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PLEASE READ || Login System Changes on The Hub

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Hello community members,Beginning Thursday, June 14, the login system here on The Hub will require you to use your Extreme Portal account. As long as your portal login email address is the same as the one currently used on The Hub, your account will transfer over without issue. Users who login with Get Satisfaction, Facebook, or Gmail will be unaffected by this change.

If you don't have an Extreme Portal account yet, you will need to request one using the same email address currently registered on The Hub. I would recommend you do this now. Using a different email will make the system think you are using a new community account and will require manual intervention to resolve.

After this change, the login box will point to
instead of to the
URL currently displayed.

If you experience any problems logging in, please check this article first: Extreme Portal Help: Cannot Log In and Cannot Reset Password for Extreme Portal

If you notice your account doesn't look the same (i.e. points and/or avatar) after this change is implemented, please email community@extremenetworks.com with your username and a description of the issue so that we can investigate. Please refrain from posting your email address in this thread.

Note: Employees are not affected by this change and will continue to use their email addresses like normal.


There's also a knowledge article on this topic: How to Sign in to the Extreme Networks Community, The Hub
Jun 14, 1:02 PM EDT: This activity is complete.

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This change is complete. If you have trouble, please contact us using the information above.