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Question about password expiry for VOSS if hscure is disable?

  • 27 June 2020
  • 5 replies

Hi all,


I have a question here regarding VSP7k switch. If I disable hsecure (i.e., no boot config flags hesure), does this mean the RW or RWA password will never expire? Please advice. I don’t seem to see a clear answer in the documentation.


Thank you in advance.



5 replies

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Once you enable the boot config flag hsecure and reboot the box, the system will prompt you to change the default RW and RWA password during first login. This is because the default password/s does not satisfy the password requirements. The password must contain a minimum of two uppercase characters, two lowercase characters, two numbers, and two special characters.

As per default settings, the password will expire after 90 days but it can be extended by using the command “

password aging-time day <1-365> user WORD<1-255>


Thank you Dilraj for your response. If this is the case, can i set the password to never expire? I know i can do this for ERS switches.

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No that is not possible. The maximum is 365 days but you can set pre-notification rule to warn users before password expiration. See below:


Thank you Dilraj for providing details.


Just a quick confirmation. do all these also apply to rwa account? 



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Hi, I will confirm that by tomorrow.