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Unable to send SNMP Inform notifications form ERS4900 series

  • 25 October 2018
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I've configured SNMP v3 correctly on an ERS4900 series switch, all is working fine. I'm able to send traps v3 too. But I would test to send Informs instead of Traps: so I've configured this with this command:

snmp-server host [i] v3 [u] inform

and nothing is sent by the switch. What I'm doing wrong ?

Thanks for any advice.

5 replies

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From the manual, SNMP inform configuration is as below.

Only different thing with Trap is "Generates acknowledge Inform requests"

snmp-server host {A.B.C.D | } [port <1-165535>] v3 {auth | no-auth | auth-priv} [filter ] [inform] [retries <0-255>] [timeout <1-2147483647>]


I've already seen the doc about SNMP trap/inform notifications. I was wrong in my last message: the right command that I use is this one:

snmp-server host A.B.C.D v3 auth-priv [u] inform

but as I mentionned, nothing is sent by the switch.

I'm having the same issue with a ERS 5900. Did you ever figure it out?

Hi Sean,

Sorry for this very late response. One year after, I’m still unable to send SNMP inform notification from our ERS4900 Series switches...so we were forced to use SNMP trap and declare SNMP engineID of each our switch into our snmptrapd.conf configuration file...

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@Jean-Albert Vescovo This is worthy of a ticket.  If you have support you should open a case ASAP.