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Unable to send SNMP Inform notifications form ERS4900 series

  • 25 October 2018
  • 3 replies


I've configured SNMP v3 correctly on an ERS4900 series switch, all is working fine. I'm able to send traps v3 too. But I would test to send Informs instead of Traps: so I've configured this with this command:

snmp-server host [i] v3 [u] inform

and nothing is sent by the switch. What I'm doing wrong ?

Thanks for any advice.

3 replies

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From the manual, SNMP inform configuration is as below.

Only different thing with Trap is "Generates acknowledge Inform requests"

snmp-server host {A.B.C.D | } [port <1-165535>] v3 {auth | no-auth | auth-priv} [filter ] [inform] [retries <0-255>] [timeout <1-2147483647>]

I've already seen the doc about SNMP trap/inform notifications. I was wrong in my last message: the right command that I use is this one:

snmp-server host A.B.C.D v3 auth-priv [u] inform

but as I mentionned, nothing is sent by the switch.

I'm having the same issue with a ERS 5900. Did you ever figure it out?