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Unable to start Avaya's Ochestration Manager

  • 9 May 2018
  • 1 reply


We are no more able to start Avaya's Orchestration Manager using any browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome..etc) the login page doesn't appear and the error message displayed is "the page isn't redirecting properly"
We have restarted the software which is running on a windows server 2003 with no luck, it has worked flawlessly for many years before now...
Any help will be very much appreciated
Thanks in advance.

1 reply

Hi Gaetan,

I recently have a customer had similar issue after they applied patches to the OS. Though they were running COM over linux.

Without more detail it is hard to determine the root causes, however, there are a several actions you may consider to take:

1. Check the licensing log - see whether this is license related
2. There was a patch for SSL Certification for COM 3.1.3, you want consider apply the path to ensure it is not the SSL Cert related
3. Run BackUpAll script to save all configuration. As the worst case scenario, you can re-deploy COM ova and restore all configuration.

I encourage you to open a case with GTAC. After the dusts settled, consider upgrade to XMC or COM Plus.