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VOSS: Filtering of show command output

  • 12 June 2018
  • 2 replies

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In EXOS i use very often in daily business filtering of show command output.

show command syntax | {include |exclude |begin }regexp

Working now with VOSS V6.1.x i miss that very hard, so i am looking for some equivalent.

2 replies

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Filtering and grep commands have been added with VOSS Release 7.0.
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Hi Roger,

thanks for that useful advice - i found it Release NOoes and CLI / EDM Admin Guide.

Enter the show command followed by the pipe (|) character, followed by the GREP filter command.
The show command output contains only the lines that match the GREP filter pattern.
This is available for VSP7200.

I need it for VSP8600 too.
Do you know if the upcoming VOSS 6.2 (for VSP8600) also include this new feature ?