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vsp 7254xsq 1000base-x fiber links, autonegotiation and Remote Fault Indication RFI

  • 17 October 2018
  • 1 reply

From the v6.1 VSP 7200 document, NN47227-301_11_03_InstallingTransceiversOpticalComponents_VOSS.pdf :

If you use 1 Gbps fiber SFP transceivers, auto-negotiation is always disabled so the remote end
must also have auto-negotiation disabled. Otherwise this is not a supported configuration with VSP 7254XSQ.

Am I concerned about a problem which doesn't exist?

My question is:
Since Remote Fault Indication is part of AutoNegotiation, and therefore NOT available when using 1 Gbps fiber SFP transceivers, what is the Best Practice for detecting fiber faults when connecting to various remote switches?

My guess is:
VLACP can accomplish fault detection when connecting between ERS and VSP models.

what about EXOS, EOS, Cisco, Adtran, etc?

1 reply

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As your guess we can use VLACP on ERS and VSP for rapid link failure detection.
EXOS use ELSM and Cisco use UDLD for same feature.
For L3 connection, we are able to use BFD for interoperability.
BFD will be supported on VSP in future release.