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VSP 8400 - Stuck on Status amber blinking - No output on console

  • 3 February 2019
  • 4 replies

We have factory default our CoreSwitch2 - VSP 8400, after the factory default no cli output on screen and stuck on Status=Amber blinking. Anyone could help our issue. Thank you.

4 replies

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Hi Eric,

First question would be: What was the reason for Factory Defaulting the box ?
Second Question: Was it working fine before factory defaulting it?

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What console setting are you using? The default baud rate for VSP 8400 is 9600. It your console is working with other switches but not this one, I am afraid it is broken and you have to RMA it.
If you are able to see CLI outputs on switch bootup process then it might be possible to recover without RMA. If not then replacement is needed.
Same on my problem, may I know what is the possible causes of this issue. can you explain? thank you