web display problem with avaya switch


Since the update of web browsers I can not access web on my avaya switches until version 5.10


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Hi Thierry, Welcome to The Hub!
Can you please share a screenshot of the error message so we know what you're experiencing?

When i connect

I have a discovering device, please wait ...that all

I think its javascript because i have with debug web

TypeError : webServerName is undefined

We have the same issue with some browsers. It is indeed the blocking of the java. If you use something like IE it works for us so should work for you as well.
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5.10 is already very old.

I would recommend upgrading to 5.12.2.X.

As well, As per the 5.12 release notes. The following Browsers have been tested.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
• Mozilla Firefox 45.0.2