A stake record of the device was found in the redirector.

  • 14 September 2021
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I purchased 5 AP250’s off ebay and I'm getting ‘A stake record of the device was found in the redirector.’ when trying to add them. Is there anyway to get the serial numbers released so I can use them?



7 replies

@Sam Pirok I’ve read several threads where you helped other with this issue, can you lend me a hand with this, please?

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Hi Matt, thanks for the mention! I can help you with this process if you can send me the serial numbers of the APs you have now. Just so you know, the procedure for this will be:


  1. I will identify the previous owner based on the serial numbers you send over. I will reach out to them to get their permission to transfer ownership of these devices to you so I can remove the old records which will allow you to add these devices to your inventory. 
  2. If the previous owner does not respond, I will reach out to the old account team to see if they can give us permission for the transfer of ownership. 
  3. If the previous owner and the previous account team do not respond, we’ll need to reach out to your local sales team to start an official transfer of ownership request since we aren’t able to reach the previous owners directly. If we get to this step, I’ll need to know generally where you are located to find your local sales contact. 

Below are the serial numbers, thanks for your help. We actually figured out who the previous owner was and have contacted them, I will let them know you will be reaching out.






@Sam Pirok any progress on this? Thanks!

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Hi Matt, sorry for the delay here, I was out of the office for a few days. I have reached out to the original owner but have not heard back. I just reached out to the account team this morning to try that method instead, I will update you as soon as I know more. Thank you for your patience here, sorry again for the gap in communication. 

No problem. I have been in contact with the original owner, is there an email or phone number I can give them to contact you? Thanks for you help!

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Absolutely, if they can email me at, that would be perfect!