admin email address broadcast as an ssid

  • 1 September 2021
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Hi everybody, 

I have a problem with an admin email address broadcast as an ssid.I have checked the configuration of my SSIDs. the broadcast name configuration ...All is ok I do not understand how this ssid appeared.Do you have an idea ?Thank you

7 replies

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That is very odd, could you add me to your controller so I can take a look at your settings? If you can let me know if you’re using HiveManager Classic ( or ExtremeCloud IQ (, I can give you specific instructions on how to add me to your controller temporarily. 

Hello @Sam Pirok , 

Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately I cannot give you access to the interface.
To answer your question, it's extremecloud IQ

I think it’s exactly the same problem : 


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Do the suggestions in that older thread resolve your issue?


Unfortunately no

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Would you be able to send tech data from an AP where you’re seeing the odd SSID? This guide reviews how to get tech data from an AP. If you could send that file to me at, I’ll review the data and let you know what I find. 


I sent you the techdata by email