Aerohive Ap121 - How can I remove OpenWRT and restore to stock firmware?

We’ve recently acquired 3 second-hand AP121s to expand our network and cover some gaps. Unfortunately I’ve now discovered that someone has modified these APs to run OpenWRT. Is there anyway to restore the original firmware?

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Haven’t tested this but have you tried upgrading the firmware manually?


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Unfortunately I haven’t got the firmware downloaded and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I can upgrade the other APs through ExtremeCloud IQ to the latest firmware, but can’t download it to do the manual upgrade.

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Hi @rbrown, I’ve emailed you some instructions on how to find a firmware file for your AP 121 and a guide that reviews how to update the firmware via the AP’s Web UI.  Hope that helps!


You could also try a factory reset, this guide reviews how to do that: