Android maybe don´t have internet connection

  • 14 July 2021
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Hi everyone,

I´ve some strange situation with Android Smartphones in our Aerohive/Extreme Network (Mix of AP250 and 305C) environment.
The Android devices itself get´s an valid IP and authenticated to the Wifi but shows the information “maybe don´t have internet connection”.
Actual Workaround: Ping the device. The first 2 packages are lost, but than the device replies and shows connected.
I´ve started this discussion last year, but with Covid-19 the situation stuck.

I´ve also found that we are not the only one with this situation.

I can confirm that DNS port 53 and 853 is open for this dedicated Wifi VLAN on our firewall.
I´ve added the DNS ports for the native VLAN of the APs to this internal DNS server, now.

Does anyone has an idea, if this won´t help, how we could troubleshoot this?

Thankful for every idea!


3 replies

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Hi there, I ran this past our XIQ technicians and they requested we open a case for this issue. If you could go to our portal at and open a technical support case, we can help you from there. 

Hi. I´ve opened a ticket.

Thank you for the response.

we get the ticket response that we have a PWP contract (Partner Work Plus).
I´m opening a ticket at our local partner.