connected but, no internet access (wifi icon with exclamation)

  • 8 June 2021
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Dear community, 

We have Aerohive AP230 and AP121.. only on the clients who connects to our guest vlan, loses their connections after some time.. they can connect without any issues, get the correct IP the guest VLAN.. They can work for hours without issue, but then suddenly the connection get lost, or they move somewhere else, and comeback to the same place.. the same result. they see connected, but no Internet.. 

Firmware on AP230/130 is HiveOS 8.2r4.207023

Firmware on AP121 is HiveOS 6.5r11.216370

Wips is not enabled.. 

we have the hivemanager classic

NTP seems to be an issue.. !? 

show clock
    2021-05-31  14:14:59  Monday → Wrong


AH-e58240#show ntp
State:              Enable
Interval:           1440 minutes
  First             x.x.x.x
Daylight Saving Time: Yes
    Start             03-28 01:59:59
    End               10-31 02:59:59

What’s wrong here.. ?


Thanks in advance, 


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Hello, thanks for the details here. Not sure what could cause NTP to change like that but if you want to try manually setting NTP to something else, this command will accomplish that: 

int mgtX  dhcp-server options ntp1 [ip address of ntp server]


I might recommend trying the Navy’s NTP service, 


Also I would check your DHCP lease times to make sure those aren’t too short for your clients.