Does aerohive ap could auto select the same channel with nearby to form mesh(backhual) link when the ethernet link down?

  • 7 July 2021
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As the title, when I manually unplug one ap’s ethernet link, it didn’t choose the same channel as nearby, so the hive neighbor is blank, how to enable mesh automatically build function?

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The only way I know of to do that would be to set a static channel for the AP’s involved in the mesh connection. That would put the APs on the same channel whether the ethernet link is down or not. You would want to keep an eye on the channel cost for the channel you choose to make sure you aren’t using a channel with a significant amount of interference. 


You can check the channel cost with the command: show acsp channel-info detail


We want to focus on the channel cost in the output of this command; the lower the channel cost the better. Some thing to keep in mind with this command is that it can only take in to account other Extreme Networks devices, so if you are sharing air space with a neighboring network or individual hotspots, this output may not show the entire picture.