How I can manage my out-of-contract AP230?

  • 21 June 2021
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I got my AP230 7years ago with 3 years of free contract. It was very stable and I haven’t changed the parameter like SSID, password, channel, etc since it was put in place.


Now I have the requirement to change the SSID. Since I don’t have the active service contract, when I log into, I can’t make any change. I did a research and found out that the free HiveManager Connect can achieve my goal. Please let me know where I can get it from. I’ve tried  but it redirected me to and I got lost there.


My AP230’s Firmware is 6.6r2a. Thank you.


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Hello Robert,


This may help:


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Hello Robert,


This may help:


Thank you,

Thank you Christopher. I registered with XIQ Connect free version.

My temporary entilement key with Hive Manager will expire in 30 days. I'd like to use XIQ Connect free version to manage it going forward.

So I removed my AP230 from the Hive Manager. Then I went back to ExtremeClound IQ Connect, and manually onboarded this device. However, when I check the CONNECTION STATUS, it's showing 0 online and 1 offline. The AP230 is for sure up and running because I'm using it right now. I followed this instruction, (, selected "Manage" -> "Action" -> "Change Management Status" -> "Manage Devices", I got a message of "successfully added to new". But in the "CONNECTION STATUS", it's still showing "0 online / 1 offline". If I try to do it again, it shows me "Please only select unmanaged devices." Please see below screenshot and the output of “show capwap client”. I logged out and logged back in the next day but I still got the same thing. If I log into Hive Manager, I can see that my AP is still trying to connect it but got denied because I deleted it from the inventory. How can I move my AP from Hive Manager to XIQ Connect?  Please help.



AH-019580#show capwap client
CAPWAP client:   Enabled
CAPWAP transport mode:  UDP
RUN state: Connected securely to the CAPWAP server
CAPWAP client IP:
CAPWAP server IP:
HiveManager Primary
HiveManager Backup Name:
CAPWAP Default Server Name:
Virtual HiveManager Name: D_H_Limited_Partnership1
Server destination Port: 12222
CAPWAP send event:       Enabled
CAPWAP DTLS state:       Enabled
CAPWAP DTLS negotiation: Disabled
     DTLS next connect status:   Enable
     DTLS always accept bootstrap passphrase: Enabled
     DTLS session status: Connected
     DTLS key type: passphrase
     DTLS session cut interval:     5 seconds
     DTLS handshake wait interval: 60 seconds
     DTLS Max retry count:          3
     DTLS authorize failed:         0
     DTLS reconnect count:          0
Discovery interval:      5 seconds
Heartbeat interval:     30 seconds
Max discovery interval: 10 seconds
Neighbor dead interval:105 seconds
Silent interval:        15 seconds
Wait join interval:     60 seconds
Discovery count:         0
Max discovery count:     3
Retransmit count:        1
Max retransmit count:    2
Primary server tries:    0
Backup server tries:     0
Keepalives lost/sent:    1127/9473
Event packet drop due to buffer shortage: 0
Event packet drop due to loss connection: 96

I called Extreme Network support number and got it sorted out.

Basically I need to reset it to factory default when I remove it from Hive Manager, then I can add it to XIQ connect. Before I chose “keep the existing configuration” which was wrong.