how to assign diffent ssid to different specific devices?

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I am going to create two ssid: aerohive-5G and aerohive-2.4G,assign 5G capable client to aerohive-5G, and 2.4G capable clients to aerohive 2.4G. but 2.4G coverage is just on a few limit area, so how to assign 2.4G and 5G ssid to some specific device concurrent, the others will hold 5G ssid only?

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if you are going to do this on a limited number of APs, you can simply get into each AP, go to Configure > Interface Settings > WIFI0 > SSIDs > turn ON or OFF any SSIDS you’d like this AP to use. Do same on the 5GHz radio. Push config to AP. Repeat for all other APs in same area. 

Will this work for you?

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yes, I did it as your suggestion. but is that other more elegant method?

your method will create multiple ssid and related config on each device, just disable the int wifi0 on specific device. Any possible to eliminate the aerohive-2.4 and its related config from the device which just hold aerohive-5?

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1 - Create a Cloud config group and add all the APs that will have the 2.4G radio disabled into that group.

2 - In the network policy > Device template, Create a new template for the APs and make the necessary changes to the radio settings. 

3 - Once you save the settings (youshould still be on the Device Templates page) add a classification rule > In the Classification rule click on the add (+) sign > cloud Config Group > Contains > Select > Select the CCG you created earlier > Save. 

Now you should be able to see the Template with the classification rule > Deploy. 

I hope this helps. 

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Thanks, @Christoph S. ccg seems powerful, I will tried it and report back.