how to show the ppsk credential stored on the HiveAP locally

  • 5 March 2021
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I could setup ppsk(local) authenticated through eciq successfully. but I wouder how to show the individual ppsk credential stored on the HiveAP locally through cli?

"show config" doesn't work.

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7 replies

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actually, I would like to config ppsk local through cli, is it possible to do that? but I can’t find a single piece of information on the net.

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Maybe this helps you a bit?:


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thanks @dpanev, that command could show the user, and do you know how to add a new ppsk to the current user group under cli?

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Sorry i dont know if thats possible. I think its not

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haha, I figure it out how to config ppsk on cli finally!! It’s amazing!!

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My trick is always to make the config change in ECIQ, and the look at the config audit to see what cli commands ECIQ is sending to the AP. Really helps if you’re trying to understand how ECIQ is configuring the devices.

Show running-config users would show lots of users on hivemanager connected ap’s.  There would be 3 lines:

  1. user x
  2. user x password ***
  3. user x group y

I added a user via cloudiq, and I cannot read the 3rd line which links to the user group.

Is this broken or normal behaviour on the cloudiq platform?