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  • 12 July 2021
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I am facing the following issue. A client of mine has 2 sites, both of which had a total of 7 aerohive (AP141) AP’s deployed. Recently we moved all the AP’s to one site and are now in the process of configuring the wifi settings. But here is where my problems begin, all the APs that were deployed on two of the sites transmit 2 networks, a local and a guest wifi, same SSID. Now that we moved the 3 AP’s from site A to site B we cannot seem to get them to work. We connected them to the network and logged into the extremecloudiq management site and manually added them to the device list via their serial numbers. Heres how it looks right now:


No matter what we try we cannot seem to configure the AP’s, they recieve an IP and we can ping them but thats as far as it goes. What is the correct procedure here? How should i proceed? 
Not sure if this is relevant but we have no active license for these AP’s atm - i mention this because i’ve recieved mixed information regarding this - once i was told that there is absolutely no managing options without a license (no configuration at all possible) which would explain why i cant manage these AP’s, on another occasion i was told that no license still means you have basic functionality for management and that you only lose out on the “premium” features - which would indicate that the problem is somewhere else.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.


EDIT: i read that i should be using CAPWAP via myhive Manager but im not sure where to get the login credentials for that.

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If they’ve moved from site A to site B, then most likely it’ll be either DNS (if this was set to an internal DNS address from site A that site B can’t access and the AP wasn’t factory reset before the move) or a firewall blocking the CAPWAP communication between the AP and XIQ - for more detailed steps see the guide below:

Regardless of licences, the APs should still show up online. You’ll get a message to tell you about having more devices than licences that will “lock” you to the monitor page if there aren’t any licences. APs would continue to function in this state (if they had existing working config) but just won’t be able to take any more firmware updates or configuration changes and you won’t have any visibility about clients connecting etc.
If you just created a new XIQ instance when you signed up did you select the Pilot 30 day trial or the connect (free) option? 

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In regards to the 3 APs you moved over from site A to Site B, have the APs been reset before moving them over? If they have, then the login credentials should still be admin/aerohive since they should not have pulled the new config from Site B due to lack of licenses. If you have not reset the APs then they should still retain the login credentials used when they were still back at site A. If you still have this site up, you can find the SSH login credentials by clicking on your account name (top right hand corner of page) > Global Settings > Administration > Device Management settings > Show Password. 


You can do 2 things to regain config control of your Hive Manager:

1 - Contact GTAC and ask for temp licenses while you await your new licenses

2 - Unmanage the 3 devices for now while you await the new licenses. To do that, check the boxes of the 3 APs > Go to ACTIONS > Change Management Status > Unmanage Devices > Confirm. 


Once you are able to SSH into the 3 APs, run the following commands:

  • #show interface mgt0     (will show you default gateway info)
  • #show DNS

Start by verifying that the DGW and DNS IP addresses are correct and that you can ping the following:


If you are able to ping these then run the following command:

#show capwap client

Make sure that the server destination port is 12222 and nothing else. Are all the other fields populated correctly (compare with a good working AP)?

Above should help get you started. 


Thank you