more AP120's stuck at 6.5r4...

  • 4 February 2021
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Hi Sam,

previous correspondence here:


I’m actually at another school and they got 3 old AP120’s to fill some holes. 2 arrived with 6.5r10 and I’m leaving them alone, having got both working!
One, however, is on (6.5r4?).
When upgrading previously from 5.1 etc through to 6.5r10 I believe the sticking point was getting to 6.5r3 (which my boss managed with an old version of Firefox iirc) and then it went smoothly, but more recently I’ve had 3 I managed to get to 6.5r4 at which point all attempts to upgrade failed and eventually they started doing weird behaviour.
This one arrived with 6.5r4, but wont upgrade via local web interface to the 6.5r10 image I have from you. (incorrect image type error).
I’m wondering if the original 6.5r3 issues were TLS1.0 implementation, but now the 6.5r4 issues are TLS1.0 being deprecated etc? (I have half-memories of O365 complaining about clients using TLS1.0 at various schools).

Are there any new procedures for getting these 6.5r4 devices up to 6.5r10?

Is it still the case that I need to tftp flash them? and if so, is it still the case that I’d need a remote session with support to attempt this? and if that is so, would that be possible on these old AP120s?

We have 6 schools, all running aeroHive if that makes a difference ;-)


thanks, Tim

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Hi Tim, thank you for the detailed explanation. There isn’t a special procedure to upgrade those APs that I’m aware of, and I wasn’t able to find anything about TLS versions having this effect. We can certainly try to flash these devices, and you would need a support engineer to enter the bootloader password for you. I believe those AP120s are end of support, but if you’d like to set up a call with me, I can help you enter that password. 

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Hello Tim,


Have you tried upgrading one manually?



Christoph S.

yes, the web interface uploaded the images, checked them and said “incompatible image” type error
This was with:







all from Sam’s previous download links. All exhibited the same behaviour.



I’ve just managed to update the firmware to 6.5r10 via the CLi and TFTP Server:

SolarWinds TFTP server, set to C:\TFTP-Root\

Windows Defender turned off was needed (could have made firewall rules but just temporarily turned it off)


I had set the TFTP-Root folder as shared read/write to everyone, but not sure if that is necessary, I didn’t use the share-name in the working command


Using Putty to SSH into the AP120

then putting in the command “save image tftp://”   where was the IP address of my laptop running the TFTP Server. AP was (so same subnet)
(P.S. structure of the TFTP command isn’t well documented, I was lucky to find another command that showed the IP followed by the colon. The colon isn’t mentioned anywhere directly referenced by you guys in other tickets I’d read, and I was guessing it would be the IP )


AH-23c500#save image tftp://
Do you really want to update image?(Y/N)y
Boot file
mode set to octet
Connected to (, port 69
getting from [octet]
Received bytes: 19000 KB
Received 19456648 bytes in 72.2 seconds [2156352 bit/s]
Image /tmp/aeros.img digital signature check: OK!
Programming bootloader ...
Erasing blocks: 4/4 (100%)
Writing data: 212k/212k (100%)
Verifying data: 212k/212k (100%)
Program bootloader finished.
Programming kernel image ...
Erasing blocks: 19/19 (100%)
Writing data: 1163k/1163k (100%)
Verifying data: 1163k/1163k (100%)
Program kernel finished.
Programming application ...
Erasing blocks: 276/276 (100%)
Writing data: 17624k/17624k (100%)
Verifying data: 17624k/17624k (100%)
Program application finished.
Do you really want to reboot? (Y/N)y
Important: Do not unplug the power cord or PoE cable while rebooting!
AH-23c500#2021-02-22 12:59:52 alert   ah_scd: System is rebooting …


After reboot, the web interface showed 6.5r10  Yeay!

Have now re-added it to ExtremeCloud IQ, all working as expected, will have to try the other 3 for the other school next :thumbs: