Problem with the Firmware AP 250 and Download Speed.

  • 2 March 2021
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Hi my Name is Joe i am a Networker an i get 6 AP AP330 and AP 250

I have a standalone Aerohive AP250.

I would really appreciate if Anyone could share the latest firmware for it ?

thank you for your help in advance.

And my second problem is i have a poor download rate.

I have a 156 Mbit/s Connection and download from 118 Mbps. How can i i configure the AP for higher Speed.

I put in Console

show station

SSID=WLAN-Home Chan 48

TX Rate 156M / Rx Rate 156M

POw(SNR) -53

Amode wpa2

Phymode 11ac


Tx-Stbc Yes

Rx-Stbc YES

sm-PS = Static

Chan-width = 20 MHZ

Mu-Mimo = YES

Station-State = Good


Where can help me ?



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8 replies

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Hi Joe, I’ve just emailed you directly with instructions on how to get the firmware you need for your AP 250. As for the speed issues you’re having, if you could send me some tech data from an AP having these speed issues, I can take a look to let you know if I find anything that could be causing those speed issues. This guide reviews how to get tech data from an AP in XIQ:

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Hi Joe,


So you’re having 156M datarate and get 118M of throughput? That’s actually pretty cool! Please have in mind datarate is a PHY parameter. Besides user traffic (like iperf’s UDP packets) we have a lot of 802.11 control and management frames, beacons, probe requests and responses, acknowledgements for every frame (or aggregated frame) sent or received… And if we get more than one device connected to our AP (or to another AP on the same channel in vicinity) we have to share the airtime for more and more devices (and not only data sent contributes to airtime utilization, but also contention mechanisms). And if we get some interferences around…

In a regular network, it’s something to consider to assume 45% of datarate being our average achievable throughput. More can be found here

One thing that will help you (will help more the more devices are connected to an AP), disable MU-MIMO please.

You can also try things like having short Guard Interval (you’ll be able to get 173M datarate) or bringing DTIM Interval down a bit (higher throughput for laptops but more battery consuming for mobile devices). But if you divide e.g. 156M and 173M of datarate on your AP (assuming all clients are the same for math simplicity), you are going to get something like 70M vs 78M per AP, then divide it by number of clients you expect on a radio… SGI is fine in general but for production networks such small improvements make a real difference when they all add up together (reminds me of some sport cyclists shaving their legs to get less air friction to get few seconds less for a lap time).

Please remember TCP throughput will be lower than UDP.


Hope that helps,


Thx for the Detail Answer.

My Problem is that when i connect with my Mobile Phone, i get Download Speed 50 Mbps. It´s this normal.?


An with the Laptop by 5GHZ 156 Mbps normal or not ? Why i don´t get not more than 156. MAX is 1300 Mbps i know this is in Lap. Need help for the CLI Config.

In the DataSheet from this AP250

802.11ac • 5.150–5.850 GHz Operating Frequency • 802.11ac Modulation (256-QAM) • Rates (Mbps): MCS0–MCS9 (6.5Mbps - 1300Mbps), NSS = 1-3. • 3x3:3 Stream Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Radio • VHT20/VHT40/VHT80 support


Sry for my bad enlish im german. :)






I think i have a Problem with the 5 GHZ connection.

2,4 GHz Connection is 50-75 Mbps normal and in 5GHZ is 400 Mbps or higher normal i think.

Who can i change this that my mobile Phone connected into the 5 GHZ Net.  and my other Clients in 2,4 GHZ.


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Hi Joe,


So you’d like to get closer to the PHY limit? Ok, please take a look:

1300 Mbps is possible for 3x3 MIMO and 80 MHz channel. Is your device 3x3? I think it would pick 260/288.9 Mbps for 20 MHz channel then instead of 156 Mbps.

Can we go 80 MHz? Sure, if we are talking about home Wi-Fi. In an enterprise it can drive too many issues. We have just few 80 MHz channels in 5 GHz band, not enough to provide enough capacity in something bigger than SOHO. Having many APs and their clients on the same channel = one big collision domain, lower throughput per client (please see the article I pasted before). So we should only consider 20 MHz or 40 MHz, the latter as long as we don’t have very dense environment or when walls attenuate very well so that we can reuse the same channel ‘quickly’ without experiencing CCI. In the future 11ax will have up to (depending on region) 59x 20MHz channels in 6 GHz so then I think it will be a good time to migrate to 11ax and 40 MHz channels as default. Now I would advice to stay at 20 MHz unless you’re aware of consequences of going 40 MHz in your environment.

Regarding bands, if the device supports 5 GHz (I’ve seen smartphones and even new laptops last year that were 2.4 GHz only! :( ) it might be a matter of things like client’s band preference or received signal strength on those bands. You can always try to enable Band Steering with “Encourage 5.0 GHz band usage” in your radio profile. Then, dual-band clients will be rejected 2.4 GHz association requests few times before they can eventually be let in on that band (assuming something was wrong that they kept trying this instead using 5 GHz).


Hope that helps,


Hi Tomasz,

ok we can speak about my constellation. I config the AP´s for my home. (SOHO).

I have 5 Rooms with Walls and my Home is with many Wall´s and i will do in every Room 5 GHZ.

Many of my Devices can Mu-Mimo.

I don´t know about Fire TV Cube from Amazon ?

I get the AP´s from my Friend he have buy New Ap. An i get 6 AP250.

My Smartphone is A Samsung

A750 802.11a, A750 802.11b, A750 802.11g, A750 802.11n (IEEE 802,11n-2009),802.11n 5 GHZ, A750 802.11ac,

DUAL BAND, WI FI Direct, WIFI Hotspot.

When i connect to the AP250 into the 5 GHZ i get 56 MBPS.

Im into the CLI from the AP and i write show Station i see that im in the 5 GHZ, WIFI 1.3.

But when i connect to my Fritzbox. I see my Printer with 2,4 GHZ and 72 Mbit/s, My Fire TV Stick with 5 GHZ 702 MBIT/s, a Huawei Smartphone with 5 GHZ with 351 Mbit/s.

What can i do now that i get a good connection.

And i use 802.11ac is the best for the AP250 i think.

And really thx for the Answer, i have learn much about this.




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Hi Joe,


If that’s a home environment, I wouldn’t now say MU-MIMO is a no-go. Just check the differences in your environment if it’s worth having. Not sure about Fire TV Cube, only Stick has MU-MIMO mentioned: But if you have just one or two devices per radio you may not really feel any difference. For simultaneous MU-MIMO transmission to be triggered, couple of IFs must be matched.

Depending on your RF environment (neighboring WLANs in the air) it might be fine to advance from 20 MHz channel to 40 MHz channel on 2.4 GHz (not sure about that) and to 40 or even 80 MHz on 5 GHz. Then you will get higher possible datarates, per the mcsindex page (where 1300 Mbps is only achievable for 3x3 MIMO device with 80 MHz channel for communication). Of course, if the environment allows that (no significant interference in available spectrum - I’d recommend to measure close to each AP and perhaps set channels statically if you think they could be done better manually).

For any device, please remember that things such as channel width and MIMO are the key factors to determine max capabilities. Other than this, it’s Guard Interval which is a matter of configuration (set to short - 400 ns), and modulation and coding scheme (MCS) that depends on current situation in the air (at least signal to noise ratio).

We’d have to compare configs in more details - when you say 702 and 351 Mbps it looks to me like Fritz has 80 MHz configured on 5 GHz. Achievable on AP250. You can get it a bit better with Short Guard Interval. On 2,4 GHz it’s probably the SGI that makes the difference (65 Mbps vs 72.2 for 1x1 11n printer).

For further improvements, you may want to try to decrease DTIM Interval.

So to wrap up:

  • increased channel widths for both bands (or at least 5 GHz),
  • short guard interval,
  • optionally lower DTIM Interval,
  • optionally disable MU-MIMO.

AFAIR all of the above can be set in Radio Profiles.


Hope that helps,


Hi Tomasz,

thx for the anser.

I think i do this this weekend, but i have no exp with the Aerohive Ap250 i don´t know where can i edit the Radio Profiles.

I will do the 2.5 GHZ with 40 MHz, and the 5 on 80 MHz.

I don´t know how can i configure a short guard inteval and a lower DTIM interval.

I can disable or enable the Mu-MIMO, and set the radio channel this is not a Problem.

I can check all my devices with the Fritzbox and after the settings with the AP250.

Did you know where can help me by the settings for the AP250. ?


Greeting Joe