SSID Randomly drops throughout the day across the district

  • 17 June 2021
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Hello, I’m coming in new to this network and it has been awhile since I’ve worked with Extreme/Aerohive  APs. My situation is that I have two SSIDs, 1) “Laptops” which has no problem, functions as expected with additional restrictions through our content filter. 2) is “Admin” is basically the same thing but with fewer restrictions and every 1 to 4 hours it will drop all connections across the entire district at the same time and then comes right back up. There has been so much going with the pandemic that it was never addressed but I would like to figure out what is causing it. Talking through this, perhaps copying the “Laptops” profile is possible and then I can pull apart one restriction or change at a time until it either it where I want it or it breaks :)

1 reply

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If you can’t find anything in the settings, I’d recommend enabling authentication (auth) debugs, waiting for the drop to happen, and then pulling tech data right after it comes back up. The logs should give us more details on the disconnection event. This guide reviews how to enable auth debugs.