Standard GRE Tunnel configuration CentOS

  • 17 August 2021
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Hi, everyone!

The topic has already been addressed a few times here, but has not yet been conclusively clarified.

I am currently trying to configure a CentOS 7 server as a GRE endpoint for my access points. I want to tunnel the guest traffic and have configured "Standard GRE Tunneling" in XIQ, although I do not yet know exactly what the difference is between dot1q and access mode.

Has anyone successfully configured a GRE Linux server to work with the Aerohive APs? I can't really find useful instructions on the internet. Someone has to have configured it before, otherwise the option in XIQ would not be available.

Does anyone have any ideas or instructions? 



2 replies

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Hello Sebastian,


I hope these help:


Hello Christoph,

thank you for your fast answer.

The GRE tunnel configuration is working fine with an Extreme AP as GRE endpoint.

But i want to do “Standard GRE” to a non-Extreme device as endpoint. What i’m looking for is a howto for a CentOS or Ubuntu GRE Server. I was hoping that somebody in the Extreme Community got it to work already.