the client gets ip from the management vlan instead of user profile vlan

we are trying to  authentication using an external captive portal by providing sms to allow the client to get access but the client gets ip from the management vlan  instead of user profile vlan , so what could be the problem ?

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Hello m.essam,

Check if the client has the correct profile assigned and if there is the correct vlan configured for this client (tagged or untagged). In addition the vlan has to be configured on the switch port where the AP is attached.

Hello StephanH

thanks for your reply , the client gets the correct IP for a while and then it falls back to IP from the management , i checked the configuration on the switch port ( the management is native vlan ) , and even the default User Profile is correct

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your wrote the default vlan is correct. But does you client receive that default profile during the external authentication or does the external portal return another profile (e. q. via radius attribute)?


the client gets IP from the default profile during the registration and after the client submit the sms to the external portal , the client gets ip from the management vlan , so does the client need to communicate with the sms Gateway to authenticate or it needs only to communicate with the external portal