the specified user group does not exist in this ssid

  • 21 July 2021
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Hey so i am trying to replicate a captive portal and ppsk system that we have in production currently to my test network profile and i cant quite get it.

The flow:

1.) user goes to registration SSID. registration SSID is open with captive portal

2.) captive portal asks for credentials. These are authenticated against RADIUS and that works fine, radius authenticates the user.

3.) the message “the specified user group does not exist in this ssid” is displayed on the phone, instead of logging on to the second SSID (the target one in the “Choose Access SSID(Private PSK)” field)


I have created (duplicated and renamed) a user group and that is on the second SSID that the ppsk should apply to. But im not sure how it knows where to put the user, which usergroup. Maybe thats the part i am missing becuase my usergroup never gets the authenticated user added to it.

This all works in production, but i didn’t set it up initially. im sure i am just missing one small detail. But the screens all look the same as the working system. I cant find the error message anywhere on the forms, and registering for a support account is taking forever, so i thought i would ask here.


edit: the AP has this on the console:

2021-07-21 08:59:50 err     ah_capture: application: [IDM-PPSK] Fetch PPSK password from IDM failed, error code = -11

1 reply

ah figured it out (sort of). the user already existed in a different user group. Once i tried the production user group, everything was working for existing users on that list.


i guess a user cant be in two user groups? i have no other explanation.