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3710i Extreme AP client connection

I have two 3710 IdentiFi AP's in a conference room. The controller is a C25.There are also wireless mics, projector and Apple TV set up. When a wireless client enters the room they are unable to connect. If there are 25 devices in the room at the most 5 will connect. I have reset the AP's and the clients, but still no go. Has anyone experienced this or know of a solution. IN the controller they are set up like the 3610's and the 3825's I have.

Thank you

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Any load group settings?
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Doug wrote:

Any load group settings?

Also are you using bridge at controller or ap? If B@AP, what type of switch are they attaching to? Any policy or mac locking rules on the switch?
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Is the AP3710 active in both frequency bands (2.4 and 5 GHz)?
I do not have any load group settings. They are bridge at the AP. They are connected to a C3 switch. No policy or mac locking rules. Yes I do believe that they are active in both bands.
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I would suggest contacting the GTAC so we can get a trace of the ap's eth0 port during the time of the issue.
OK. Thank you. That was my next route, but just wanted to see if anyone else had seen it and maybe had an easy fix.