802.1 with HTTP Redirection

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What does this feature below do ? (802.1 with HTTP Redirection)

Unfortunately i do not find an exact description in the manual.

If i have to guess:
First the SSID is encrypted with 802.1x and as a second step the user will be forwarded to an external HTTP Portal to Authenticate or Registrate.

I am right ?
But how is the way back if the user authenticate on the Portal successfull OR not Successfull ?

Any advices are welcome!

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The "with http redirection" option is used when dot1x authentication is combined with captive portal. Please refer to the Wireless Integration Guide available at http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/wireless/9034918_Wireless_Integration_Guide.pdf for additional information starting on page 121. I hope it helps.
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Hi AG,

thanks for that advice - in the past i only have V9.15 Wireless Integration Guide!
The link above is V10.01!

Here you can see - how it works:

It seems that you can even enable HTTPS Support (which is very desireable!)

Sounds good!
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The Feature is nice - BUT i cannot use it in my environment, because of that limitation:

i need B@AP (at all costs!)
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Upgrade to version10.11 and use the new redirect at the ap features...
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If you do not want to upgrade, you can always drop the users in a routed topology for the period that they authenticate, once authenticated via the external web portal you can apply a updated role that bridges the users at the AP.