802.1x and Mac Authentication for different "WLAN Service" on Controller 5210


I have 3 different WLAN Services. These wlan's are for "Personel" , "Misafir" and "Mobil"

802.1x for "Personel"
Mac Authentication for "Mobil"
Guest(Captive Portal) for "Misafir"

as seen in below.

In the radius server which is "KomRadius" there is only mac address are defined for Mobil users. But users Personel, when they click Mobile SSID It's asking username and password.

My problem is any other users I don't want to ask password and username. Can it deny automatic and only defined mac addresses can access the system.

I hope It's clear enough.

Best Regards

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If a user is attaching to the mobile SSID it should be doing MAC authentication only based on your screen shot. If the system is asking for a username/password, that's not correct. If you are still having this issue, I would suggest you contact support so we can review the configuration with you over the phone. Please generate a tech support file on your controller and have it ready when you contact support.


Support Contact: http://www.extremenetworks.com/support/contact