about Radar License of HA configuration


Would you Please explain about this question.

The Customer will use 18 AP's with C35 HA configuration.
And , The customer need radar license.

if we install the WS-RADER-16 to the main controller.

default 2AP
add WS-RADAR-16 16AP's
total 18AP can control Radar function

If when the main controller is down , then Radar function is also taken over by the stub controller.

Is this correct?


// Kouichi

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Radar licenses are shared across the HA pair = you are correct
Hi Pala-san

Thank you for quick response.


// Kouichi
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But what if the controller from the pair which has the "Security Analysis Engine" enabled/running is down ?
I haven't found any information in the KT if the 2nd controller will then act as the Security Analysis Engine.
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Hi Not sure what version we started, but we support the HA for radar now. In 9.21 i saw the option to have analysis engine on both controllers in pair and if one fails, the remaining one will continue to work.