Hi, I have an access point that I can see "green" in bulk configuration but in radio tabs shows n/a and the name of it´s SSID plus it has no channel assigned in any of it´s radios, any idea?

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What model AP is it? If it's an AP that has external antennas ... and you haven't configured the AP for whichever external antennas you have purchased and connected to it yet ... then the radios will not power up and chose a channel and begin broadcasting whichever SSID's you have assigned to it. You would need to click on "Professional Install" at the bottom of the main AP tab ... and assign the antennas as would be appropriate. Another possibility, I'm not sure 100% from your question as asked ... is that you haven't assigned ANY SSIDs/WLAN Services to the radios in question ... in which case they will also not power up and select a channel They have to have "work" to do .... in order to turn on. Hope this helps ...
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Hello It could be a bunch of things. The most common issue, If you have 2 controllers configured in High Availability if the AP has failed over to the foreign controller the local controller will display this way. It is also possible if it is an AP with external Antennas that the antennas have not been selected within the GUI. Also if there are no WLAN services assigned to the radios that will cause it as well. What is the admin status of these radios? Are they admin on? What happens if you drop down the channel box and chose auto? Does it then pick a new channel and turn on? Does the AP show and up-time value in the AP availability report?
Model is 3825i, it has no antennas. AP has wlan service and ssid asigned. When I select auto in channel selection nothing happens still giving me no channel.
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Does the controller have a license applied? Are all aps behaving the same way, or only a few? Is it the same on 2.4 and 5ghz?
Yes the controller has it´s license. I just have two AP's with the same problem. I can not see where to check 2.4 or 5 GHz.
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you can do via ssh 'cset factory default' and test again. Be sure that Probe Suppresion is not enable. There are some bugs in some firmwares about this.
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My assumption is that the AP is not "fully" connected.

So let's check for that...please do the following....

- set the log level to informational in the GUI > Controller > Logs > Logs Configuration > Wireless Controller Log Level:
- disconnect the AP from the port/power
- reconnect the AP
- check the log (GUI > logs > EWC: Events > All), is the last message that you get "Blacklist successfully sent..." like in the screenshot below.- if not please post a screenshot.

Did it but no new logs are shown. I can see only all events
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juan romero wrote:

Did it but no new logs are shown. I can see only all events

If you don't see any log messages as per my example that would mean that the AP isn't connected to the controller.

My advice... get a partner onsite or Extreme professional services to configure the WLAN solution.
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from the gui -> ap -> ap name -> radio1 tab is the 5ghz radio, and radio2 tab is the 2.4ghz radio

make sure that the admin mode is set to on, radio mode is set to something like a/n/ac and g/n, channel width 20mhz, then request a channel manually in the request new channel drop down and click save

if the ap has wlan for it ( under the wlan assignment tab ) then under the radio 1 and 2 tabs you should see the bssids listed in the bss window box

if it was external antenna I would say to check the ap properties -> professional install and make sure the right antenna is set AND that the radio1 /2 attenuation values are set to 0

also make sure in the ap->ap properties that the ap has the correct firmware version, ie the same version as the controller