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access point turned off after my VM controller off?

Hi all,

Am using V2110 controller and access points. Once my controller off my ap also get disconnected. Is there any option even my controller off my ap has to be in live.. Can anyone help me on this.


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Hi Simbhu

You can enable two AP options to solve your problem.

1. Maintain client sessions in event of poll failure.
2. Restart service without controller.

Refer to screen shot on how to enable this on multiple AP's. You'd need to select the model or specific AP you want to apply this to.


Francois Scheün

Hi Francois,

I have an another query that on the below part can you help me on this.

My esa0 is a physical with untagged vlan. Here I attach my sample connection of my network.

Physical interface- no vlan tagging configured the AP with bridgged.

But for configuring guest portal AP has to connected with routed based or else with EWC.

Is there any other possibilities to configure.

Thanks in advance!!!
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The Guest Portal lives on the controller, so if you're wanting to use it, the controller will have to be active.

If you wanted to use some sort of other external portal/authentication means (i.e. NAC), once the AP is configured, you could, in theory turn off the V2110 controller, as the settings & filters would be downloaded to the AP.

Is there a reason why the controller cannot stay active? If you have an older computer, you may be able to just have it run the controller; it's not very resource intensive.


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bridge@AP will not work in this setup.
You'd need either a bridge@EWC or routed topology.
In your case as you don't have VLANs I'd configure a routed topology for the guests.
The only thing that you'd need to add is a return route in the WAN router.
So i.e. the routed topology uses subnet you add a static route via