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Access points resets repeatedly updating the firmware

AP 3710i
WC 5210 v

The site consists of 330 Aps and the behavior is observed in some of them always the same way: first, it is not possible to connect on the 2.4, next: the reboot, with the firmware update message (several cliclos)

The example below is a library served by 4 ap with 250 users at most. Bandwidth limited to 2 Mb per connection.

Any idea?

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Are you blocking TFTP somewhere in the network between the acess point and the controller?
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Also I would suggest contacting support, we would want to see the ap trace log package or assist in tailing the ap.log which will show the state of the access point.

The TFP is not blocked and the AP is already updated with this veriosn

Case opened: 01175091 with logs attached.

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Based on the ap logging there was an issue with eth0's connection, AP's were moved from inline injectors to PoE switches, no new issues reported since the move...