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Adding web form to identiFi Guest Portal

I have created a guest access portal for guests that visit the office and need to get on the wifi. Are there any good ideas on how to insert a user input form onto the guest portal?

I'm looking for a way for guests, who don't have credentials, to fill out a form with their name, company, etc and when they hit submit an email is generated to our help desk to create an account for them.

In a perfect world, i'd like a database (or spreadsheet) with all of the requests in it as well, but beggars can't be choosy.

Any ideas?

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I think this isn´t possible.
Maybe you can do this with the Netsight/NAC Sponsor Portal.


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Hello Michael,

In addition to a NAC portal, another basic option to collect user data is to configure a "User Id" option for Guest Splash users. The user is authenticated after "submitting" and whatever information they enter is logged.
More information is in this knowledgebase article - https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/Collecting-client-email-or-phone-number-data-...

The Login Label, defaulted to say "Login", can be also edited to request specific information.